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Autometer Wheel Charger Tower of Power Man 70/30/4/280 AMP

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The Tower of Power is one of the most advanced wheeled battery chargers on the market today. The tall,slender design places controls at an easy to adjust level that allows the charger to fit?easily between cars and lifts in the shop. We bulked up the internals and included an ultra heavy-duty transformer with 100% copper windings providing an uninterrupted high current flow for?optimal performance and efficiency. The Tower of Power utilizes 2-gauge solid copper wiring and high quality,heavy duty clamps for optimal conductivity and extended service life. Large wheels?and rugged rubber tires were designed to easily roll over air hoses or gravel. Precise,easy to read gauges insure accurate results during the testing process. Where other charges fall short,the?Tower of Power succeeds.

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